Friday, August 15, 2008

Philippines; a reflection

A not-so-boring homework came upon me and got me reading... It's about the long history of my dear country's currency;

Locally termed as "piso"..The Philippine Peso is the Pearl of the Orient's official monetary currency (are my terms even right?). It isn't a hidden fact that the Philippines is one of the 'third world countries', unfortunately because of the slow development dear Pilipinas is experiencing and if I am also allowed to say this, because of the painful discrimination people from the more well-off countries do. This article isn't about racism.. so let's put that aside for awhile. The reason why my senses woke up is because, I may have been taking dear Piso for granted, for the very reason that she has an astonishingly small worldwide exchange value..ZzzZzzzZZZzzz

It just amazed me that a lot of colonies took part in establishing our infamous currency. The Americans, Spaniards even the Japanese made good use of it, different kinds of people took advantage over it,some were lucky to have saved a lot for their family, while some where unfortunate to even get to hold a large amount of money for a period of time. Money, it's as bad as evil but people's survival depend largely on it. It's like hating to drink a tablespoon of medicine, I never liked the taste of it, but no matter how much I deny, my body needs it to grow and be strong.

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