Saturday, August 30, 2008

NFL star changes his name

And since the NFL won't be adopting an XFL-like "Wear whatever you want on the back of your jersey" policy anytime soon, Chad's got two options: 1) Wear "Ocho Cinco" on the back of his jersey and pay massive fines every time he does it, or 2) actually have his name legally changed to "Ocho Cinco."

According to Pro Football Talk, Chad has "taken the first steps in the state of Florida toward legally changing his last name to Ocho Cinco."

I don't know what to tell you here. This isn't a normal guy. Maybe that's good, maybe that's bad ... I'm in no position to judge. As I've said before, I believe that Chad just likes to make noise with his mouth, and has little or no concern for the meaning of the words that might come out of it (and here's more bizarre evidence of that). read more...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mystery of the 'iPhone Girl'

HONG KONG - Who is the "iPhone Girl"?

Pictures of an Asian factory worker found on a new iPhone sold to a British customer have generated keen discussion on the Internet about her identity —   and her fate.

The three pictures, posted on the Apple discussion Web site, show a young Asian woman working on what appears to be an assembly line for iPhones. read more...

Friday, August 15, 2008

The sweet and glorious world of chocolates

Sweet,dark,semi-sweet,white and even milk chocolate! It all goes down to one thing, I love 'em all! It's great that Hershey's made these babies popular and tastier. I praise them Hershey's!

Philippines; a reflection

A not-so-boring homework came upon me and got me reading... It's about the long history of my dear country's currency;

Locally termed as "piso"..The Philippine Peso is the Pearl of the Orient's official monetary currency (are my terms even right?). It isn't a hidden fact that the Philippines is one of the 'third world countries', unfortunately because of the slow development dear Pilipinas is experiencing and if I am also allowed to say this, because of the painful discrimination people from the more well-off countries do. This article isn't about racism.. so let's put that aside for awhile. The reason why my senses woke up is because, I may have been taking dear Piso for granted, for the very reason that she has an astonishingly small worldwide exchange value..ZzzZzzzZZZzzz

It just amazed me that a lot of colonies took part in establishing our infamous currency. The Americans, Spaniards even the Japanese made good use of it, different kinds of people took advantage over it,some were lucky to have saved a lot for their family, while some where unfortunate to even get to hold a large amount of money for a period of time. Money, it's as bad as evil but people's survival depend largely on it. It's like hating to drink a tablespoon of medicine, I never liked the taste of it, but no matter how much I deny, my body needs it to grow and be strong.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting Married?

To some, marriage is like the grandest and most special day of their lives..some even (mostly girls) dream of this day ever since they were young. It's like they know they were meant to do and be part of it. So what is marriage exactly? From some books that I've read, 'it's the union of two loving souls' but from my uncle's point of view, it's like hanging yourself in a tall and old mango tree only that you don't die after the rope chokes you around the die after the rope multiplies,wraps your whole body and cut your jugular veins until you have nothing to bleed.. Why is he so bitter? go figure!

It really isn't that's not even that agonizing, according to my cousin's favorite television soap. From what I see, actors and actresses make great effort in making it look and feel like every union is a match made in heaven, that no matter what happens, even though you do not have money to buy your aching tummies bread for the day, you'll get through it as long as you stay together.awwww!! so romantic.. but is that real? does love really take the physical pain away?

After contemplating and daydreaming of possible scenarios, all that I can say about marriage is that, it's a big deal, yeah, it maybe scary but it can be exciting and fun too.. Just as long as you have the right and complete essential tools, you have the money to settle down, you own your own house and most of all... well, the most important thing of all, you have to have the right person beside you to walk through the aisle of life with.. and make it sure that he or she is the 'one' not because she's pretty, not because he's rich.. but because you understand each other and that is all that matters.

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