Friday, November 7, 2008

Jim Piccolo

Jim Piccolo, the man behind the very successful Nouveau Riche University. Now we all know that behind every successful man is a breathtaking story of how he came up with the idea that has brought him to where he is today - on top. This write up is all about his passion and his accomplishments; something that I hope everybody will learn to embrace.. Who knows? You could be the next Jim Piccolo!

Aside from being principal owner/ co-founder of Nouveau University, Chief Executive Officer Jim Piccolo has served and touched thousands of people's lives in more than a million ways a normal person could ever imagine. Mr. Piccolo has brought with him a unique combination of business leadership, experience, vision and philosophy. He believes that with respect, combined with the proper treatment, all relationships will turn out successful.

Nothing beats experience with success. Mr. Jim Piccolo's 25 years in the business industry has taught him a lot of lessons and the uncanny ability to recognize business opportunities and how to flourish it and make it worthwhile. He was also featured in Biz AZ magazine as one of the "coolest places to work". That, along with other awards testify to the accomplishments this person has made through the years.

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