Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Moment to Remember (Part 2)


It never came into mind that he was taking the important things in their life for granted. He just thought that this bliss of a life will go on forever and that he will die with it. Special moments like when she cooked him meals and tried to learn his hobbies so she can do them with him... he never saw through them.

and then a visit to her doctor gave her the shock of her life. her forgetfulness was a big deal after all. she had alzheimer's and it wasnt curable. not at all. She tried keeping it a secret from everybody concerned but they still found out about it. He couldnt believe it.. He wouldnt admit it... He wanted to was because he was scared of spending a lifetime without her.

then it hit him. there are a lot of things about our life that we love so dearly. we love how much our parents are around us, always willing to support us whenever we need their help. we love the thought of having someone by our side willing to love us for the rest of our lives..but we simply forget to thank them for the things they do for us and how much happiness they've brought into our lives.

yeah, things happen for a reason but come to think of it.. wouldnt it be better if we could cherish the things we love while they are still around? not when its too late and there's nothing we can do to bring it back..


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